June 26, 2020

CCPA Compliance Checklist

Working towards CCPA compliance is no easy feat. There is a wealth of information to consider and many initiatives to undertake. This quickfire compliance checklist outlines everything we’ve discussed and will help you bookmark your efforts as you go:

  • I’ve examined the official CCPA guidelines.

  • I know how the CCPA applies to my business.

  • I’ve checked to see if I’m affiliated with any businesses that collect Californian consumer data.

  • I’ve mapped my company’s existing data collection activities.

  • I’ve made appropriate changes to my privacy disclosure messaging and updated it online.

  • I’ve offered my consumers a clearcut option to opt-out of having their personal data collected.

  • I’ve created a customer data request strategy that covers all points outlined in the CCPA.

Become GDPR & CCPA Compliant without paying thousands.

Works with the latest Wordpress version 5.4.

Includes opt-in modal to ensure compliance.

Destroys all 3rd-party trackers when visitors opt-out.

19 USD per month

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