Joomla setup guide

1.) Log in to your Joomla site


2.) Navigate to Templates

Use the left side menu to open the Templates page.

3.) Edit each template

On the left side select the Templates link.  Then select each template and make the following changes.  

4.) Select the index.php template file

One the left side.  Select the index.php template file.

5.) Add the Privacy Pixel code snippet

Add the Privacy Pixel code snippet right after the <head> tag.</head>

6.) Save the theme file

In the upper left, click the “Save” button.

7.) Repeat for each template in use

Repeat steps 3-6 for each template in use.

8.) Test Privacy Policy

Navigate to your homepage.  Refresh the webpage if need.  You may also have to add the following query parameter to simulate that your current location is in California.  
You should see the following Privacy Pixel widget in the bottom right corner of your page.